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Who am I?

IHi, I am Leo, your Craftsman, artist.   I will be the crafter creating your design.  I am a soon to be retired manufacturing engineer.  I am not interested in stopping working, but I love the artistry of creating things in my workshop.  I create with a variety of materials such as Corian, Brass, HDU, Wood both exotic and domestic.  I paint, glaze, stain, texture in any number of ways.  Lets create something special, one of a kind, for you.

What do I do?

I make all the COOL STUFF !!  Sometimes my wife of 40 years or my friends help in the shop, but it mostly me doing it.  I work with everything from a Chisel, handplan dovetail saw, band saw, table saw, to technology like CAD, CAM Laser and CNC router.  My shop is a FULLY operational shop.  I have rotary capability on both laser and CNC router.  I am skilled in all of the above as well as the artistic coloring of all the cool stuff.

Where am I?

I am in New England.  I attend and host workshops to learn my artistry in many places around the country.  You can find me on several woodworking forums as well as CNC forums.  I help and teach others as well as learning myself.  I do have an active youtube channel as well.  Leosworkshoppe on youtube.  I also have an ETSY store with many items for sale.    


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Leo's Workshop

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